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Unisex Contemporary Elegance Footwear With Adjustable

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Color: Brown
Size: 6

The Unisex Contemporary Elegance Footwear With Adjustable Straps is intricately designed for individuals who value a blend of simplicity and functionality in their daily wear. These sandals serve not only as a complement to your wardrobe but also as a reflection of a meticulous approach to design and well-being.

Features Overview:

  • Size Adaptability: These sandals are expertly crafted to accommodate a wide spectrum of foot dimensions, guaranteeing a snug and enjoyable fit for a diverse audience.
  • Construction Materials: Featuring soft upper materials coupled with a supportive cork base and a robust rubber sole for balance and endurance.
  • Target Audience: Aimed at adults who prefer footwear that is both comforting and durable.
  • Comfort Enhancements: Equipped with a plush base for day-long ease.
  • Technical Design: The sandals boast a deep heel indentation and a roomy toe area, facilitating stability and movement freedom.
  • Foot Contouring: Designed to mimic the natural shape of the foot, promoting a harmonious and effortless gait.
  • Visual Appeal: Each pair presents a distinctive granular pattern on the cork base, enhancing the footwear's natural charm.
  • Contrast in Texture: The sleekness of the upper straps contrasts beautifully with the cork's texture, offering both tactile and visual diversity.
  • Aesthetic Design: Adhering to a minimalist aesthetic, these sandals feature streamlined contours and adjustable straps for a precise fit.

Size Chart(Inches):

Size Heel to Toe Width
6 9.06 3.15
6.5 9.25 3.19
7 9.45 3.23
7.5 9.65 3.27
8 9.84 3.31
8.5 10.04 3.35
9 10.24 3.39
9.5 10.43 3.43
10 10.63 3.46
10.5 10.83 3.5
11 11.02 3.54
11.5 11.22 3.58
12 11.42 3.62